EPDM membranes for aluminium and PVC systems are our key products. We offer our customers various solutions for the membranes assembling which allow their practical application in all joinery systems.

Moreover, our offer covers wide variety of rubber, silicone and thermoplastic seals, butyl tape as well as cyano-acrylic glues, all manufactured by leading Polish and European producers.\

Basic products:

  • EPDM membranes (external and internal) for aluminium and PVC systems
  • solid and sponge rubber and silicone extruded seals for building and construction market as well as for other industries
  • laser cut rubber, silicone and thermoplastic seals
  • EPDM with butyl layer seals.


  • Sponge and solid rubber seals cutting to required lengths
  • Laser cutting of seals (pads) – different shapes and materials
  • Gluing
  • Application of butyl layer to different EPDM sheets / strips